ERM STUDIO has been in charge of carrying out the project for INTERPORC at SIAL China 2019, which was held in Shanghai.
The project has consisted of nine islands with a total of 720 square meters.
The spaces have been equipped with common elements, such as double ceilings backlight in height, raised floor, storage rooms and design furniture.
Subsequently each space was adapted to the needs of each exhibitor adding offices, kitchen equipment, audiovisuals and every element needed to make the experience of our clients the best.
In spite of the complexity of the project, and having only two and a half days of assembly, all the timings have been respected, and it has been delivered on time, in perfect conditions.
The concept of design has unified the INTERPORC brand encompassing all its exhibitors, 17 in total, maintaining a common line, but getting each brand to maintain its status and presence within the group.
SIAL China is the most important food fair in Asia, and brings together the best companies and professionals in the sector, fostering interactions and allowing to know the latest developments in the sector.

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