ERM STUDIO has designed and executed the OLA MOBILE stand at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona 2018, the main mobile technology conference in the world, which has been held in Barcelona since 2006.
The MWC is the space where a greater number of presentations of advances in wireless and mobile communications are produced. This conference on global technology and the R & D platform aims to promote international collaboration in mobile wireless communications,
This world-renowned congress, where more than 108,000 professionals from 208 countries attended its facilities, which include 4,500 executives from international companies. The exhibition occupied about 94,000 m² of exhibition and services. There were more than 2,300 international exhibitors, 3,800 journalists, media, government delegations and hundreds of analysts from different countries; under the representation of both public and private institutions.
The large mobile technology companies, such as the small emerging companies in the sector, with a notable presence of Spanish companies, will concentrate on this conference to present and present the main technological advances in the world’s mobile sector.

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